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Who Are We/What We Do

The Student Insurgent is a consensus organized journalistic endeavor based at the University of Oregon. We are a radical publication that seek to deconstruct the existing social order and facilitate its replacement with one which is ecologically sound and functions on egalitarian lines. We agitate and educate the student body by addressing issues which are often ignored or marginalized.

Our Mission

We strive to be an open forum – somewhere the silenced and oppressed can express their ideas and opinions free from the filters of the mainstream media. We exist to challenge oppression, exploitation and hierarchical power structures.

Historical Summary

The Student Insurgent began operating in 1989 as a radical newspaper. We engaged in ideas exploring these ideas and ideologies with relevance to contemporary movements, situations and happenings. The Student Insurgent has filled the need for consistently radical analysis for over 30 years.


We mail our paper free to prisoners, to do our part in challenging repressive state institutions. In addition, we have a map with a list of newsboxes in Eugene, Oregon which offer copies of Insurgent for free.

This Website

This website is a place designed to archive all the various pieces published on the newspaper in an easily citable format, as well as releasing announcements and web-exclusive pieces.

Questions? Comments?

Contact us by email: insurgentuo at gmail dot com

or by snail mail:

The Student Insurgent

1228 University of Oregon

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