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Volume 35

Cat on a skateboard (very rad) Various Halloween characters graffiting a brick wall in an alley

Volume 34

a sun and moon next to the words 'The Student Insurgent'. Below is a tree with a smiley face next to the words 'Earth Issue' The Article titled 'The Importance of Student Voices' is featured on the cover for this issue Pandora's box with many demons flying out, and a small bit of text saying 'hope'. Above is dripping text saying 'Despair'. A destroyed city with the title 'Summer of Insurgency

Volume 33

A pregnant black woman stomping on the crotch of a white man and strangling him with the american flag. A young girl climbing a mountain to find a fantasy world with floating planets and cherry blossoms A woman standing in a field with a bloody handprint on her face Gothic church, similar to Notre Dame with piles of heads next to the staircase, and skulls adorning the building Michael Schill as a robotic dinosaur uses a laser beam to destroy a city A pumpkin-headed person and a witch run with guns and bombs with a circle-a in the background

Volume 32

Bloodied heads sprouted from a tree with a flags for Exxon Mobil, Weyerhauser and Monsanto on the heads

Volume 30

Volume 28

Volume 27

Volume 26

Volume 25

Volume 24

Volume 23

Volume 21

Volume 19

Volume 17

Jesus with an erection

As of right now, we only go back to 2010, when The Student Insurgent became old enough to drink, but we plan to eventually scan-in all of our older issues and continue adding new issues as they are created.