Tomorrow is in Danger

Serbal Vidrio #latin american

Part of a series on latin american poems

Originally Written by Ariruma Kowii

The forests are losing their vitality

Their dialogues are agonizing, losing their clarity
beginning to fall silent

Their dreams crumble to pieces
and silence begins to reign.

Its song
the song of the birds
is faint and discordant,
their hymns

where will they be heard?

The air arrives tattered, exhausted
and delayed

The rivers watch us with bitterness
and desperation

The entrails of the earth,
nourished by poison,
begin to expire

The plants
no longer bloom with fervor
with the same enthusiasm as yesterday

Tomorrow, fearful
its face pallid and its body malnourished
runs the risk of miscarriage

tomorrow is in danger
tomorrow runs the risk of never arriving
tomorrow depends on us
and so it is fundamental
to recover our reason for being
it is indispensable
to care for its pregnancy
to ensure that its delivery
goes as it should
that its child is born healthy and vigorous
and that we all
can lull it to sleep
in our arms
and christen it
with the name