Instructions for Changing the World

Serbal Vidrio #latin american

Part of a series on latin american poems

Originally Written by Subcomandante Marcos


Build yourself a rather concave sky. Paint it green or brown, earthy and beautiful colors. Give it a splash of clouds to your liking. Carefully hang a full moon in the west, let’s say about three quarters up its respective horizon. In the east slowly start rising a bright, strong sun. Get men and women together, talk to them slowly and with love, and they’ll set off on their own. Lovingly contemplate the sea. Rest on the seventh day.


Bring together the necessary silences. Forge them with sun and sea and rain and dust and night. Patiently sharpen one end. Pick out a brown uniform and a red scarf. Wait until dawn and then, with the rain about to clear, set out for the big city. When they see you, the tyrants will flee in terror, trampling each other to escape. But… don’t stop!… the fight has just begun.