Kata Riley

Into the dark (i followed after my heart)

Pain was the prescription from the start,

with a constant fight (day and night)

2 bring my soul out the dark into the light.

From the cotton fields (2 the killin fields)

somethin bout us: made em’ fear/ hate / love our

presence -

captured our body (but not our essence),

in a system taught falsehood & how 2 kill alongside

an alphabet.

Who I am (can’t remember) so I learned 2 4 get,

with a bull’s eye on my back & chest; clear & present


raised among were wolves, deceptacons (2 myself I

was a stranger).

A path through the middle passage: a cargo of despair

& greatness brought 2 a new land & trained 2 oppress us.

Will you be ready 4 the next act?

Living 4 2day, 2morro the outer limits with


is plandemics: (the purge under cover of experiments & politics)

Seeing what I saw in reverse (the blessing & the curse)

invoked the glyph & then the verse,

in between the wins & losses -

is the void where impulse is shaped by forces.

Moves vs. motives: (conflict between higher & lower directives)

where memories replay like a movie in a divine game of

thrones where nothing remains the same.

My soul roamed the streets of higher planes searchin’

4 the almighty…

From Philly, to the N-A-P, back to Cincinnati - (every

good got an elm street & u Freddy),

where I was alone (in a zone)

searchin 4 rest with no peace…

my heart turned cold as darkness consumed my soul.

The anti-christ system cast its spell: the livin dead play

their role…

captivation, conquer and control -

prisons & graveyards filled with my people is their


Follow the yellow brick road: deceived &

propagandized by lies told-

believing the concepts of Republicans and Democrats:

most are devils, deceptacons & bureaucrats,

taking turns at bat, and u still don’t know where u are at?

From the cross, to the streets & courtrooms

(crucification is a fact).

My skin, was made my first sin…

waitin 4 the next excuse 2 fear & kill me follow -

with bitterness as broken glass I swallow.

Prison time helped to find a hidden path through,

the valley & shadow of death showed me false from


Still keeping hope 4 a new day,

I still fight, still believe, still pray!