David Snyder

there is kindness and salvation in her smile

a priceless gift that Christmas week

it is radiant, shames the sun

again and again she blessed me

with the miracle she allowed me to behold

for twenty-five minutes it got me out of bed

on the hunt for one more benediction

she is ambrosia

nectar of the gods

my thirst insatiable

I would stand, lost

enraptured in the moment

longing for the next

savoring every precious detail

deep within her eyes

twin electric brown pools of Serenity

I drown

reborn is the day—the ecstasy of the agony renewed

excited by your presence, I mourn farewell


it is glorious

yet never enough

how can eternity contain my adoration

how can I repay

what she has so freely given

I need to diffuse myself into the enormity of her grace

ghosts of her linger

she comforts me