your future is in (my) hands

Icarus #guns #social justice #climate change

Cat in the Hat dressed as Uncle Sam. The caption reads “I Want You”

Art by Misandry

this is land of the free, and home of the brave,

we love you as us, and give you a grave.

we’re a welcoming country, you’ll live the dream!

while we work behind the curtains and screens.

make America great! keep America white!

we’re killing your future who have tried to fight.

we give money to the rich and bombs to the poor,

and disease to families and kids to wars.

we claim that we’re different, while being the same,

we strike down opposition, in unities name.

we’ll kill our leaders, and kill our youth,

as broken teeth and tongues try to tell our truth.

as we ruin lives while children sleep.

we trash our oceans, and make the moon weep,

and tides with sadness, eddy away,

silence the ones with something to say.

we bury our problems, but say they’re at rest,

bend over backwards at our leaders request.

we forget the promise, in liberty made,

then watch in disbelief as loyalties fade.

and dreams dissipate into ashes and dust,

but again, I’m asking you for your trust