Vive La Révolution

Icarus #web exclusive

The morning dawns and the sky bleeds red.
Orange and pink hues flash across the sky as\ sun breaks from under the cloud cover.
I watch as gold shimmers in the light.

Hope is like a miracle. I think of a man we all praise
dropping bombs onto weddings and thinking this’ll change
I think of poisoned water and I think of mass graves.
Of stolen land, and people, across rolling seas.
I think of prayers given to the earth on bended knees.

I think of the children, with bright eyes and flimsy bones.
Then I think of the sun, and once golden thrones.
They fade into nothingness against a summer sky.
April blinks into existence,
and I watch Icarus fly, and fall, and burn, and get drowned by the waves
and all the people who we were too late to save. The city startles
awake and we know there’s more dead, as the
sound of gunshots ring out and the sky bleeds red