The Glass House

Icarus #war #saviorism #anti-colonialism #anti-racism

if i got sent to war-

is it a fun fantasy? inserting yourself into places you don’t belong i call it - seeing the privilege of the oppressed while it’s not there

am i wrong?

this belief, this idea, a sense of community found in the very place, you’re not supposed to be

It’s like, white saviorism yet taken to this max When it’s not about you, you make it an act And as much as you claim otherwise Doing this detracts

From the experience and lives of those so much different Is this done on purpose? Might you make this deliberate?

If i got sent to war-but no you have not You live in countries untouched by the rot That has plagued countries year after year Yet you only now notice, only now turn you ear

Stand with others, don’t make this your own For what you are doing shows an absence of tone Let other have their experience, and don’t make it yours While you battle on twitter, others fight wars