The Empire


The titan’s madness leaves us undone. The worker’s slaughter; The bosses having fun.

Tall towers, falling down. Small soldiers, Walking into town.

Hanging heads, cheering crowds. Kingdoms falling, with king’s heads in clouds.

Planes soaring, bombs burst. The crowds roaring, The deathtoll’s new worst.

Volunteers marching, with paychecks in blood. Nations Falling, Corpses laying in the mud.

Seven million, Dollars a Day. For jets to make, corpses in a new way.

The titan’s madness leaves us undone. New Walls in Palestine, No homes, where shall we run.

Israel holds food, Israel holds water and land. Palestinians hold tears; Palestinians bury bodies in sand.

So many bodies, so many dead. So many starving, who have you fed? No more young men or schools; only dread; No more bricks, mortar, or houses for dead.

Plant a tree, No, not for me. Plant a tree, for seven generations to see.

But to plant a tree, there must be land to grow. The cement walls and checkpoints, all the guns and fear, they simply must go.

I want my freedom, I demand my say. Are murders in my name? No more, not after today.

I demand to eat, I demand to live. To plant that tree, Israel, that land you must give.