Sky Above


hey alice
above us only sky
hey alice
and it’s crystal clear and blue like texas is and isn’t
like the day on the scaffold
burning hands as we all took it down together
hey alice
remember all of us
our signatures on the wood walkboard
we’ll never throw that one out, i promise
hey alice
remember when i almost passed out that one time
remember the show where my glasses broke
remember me me me me me
hey alice
why is it always about me?
you’re the dead one
i didn’t even know you that well
hey alice
it’s so selfish for me to be so sad
when you’re the one who died
because your sadness killed you
hey alice
everything seems sharper now
my heart honed like it’s been diamond cut
they say suicidal girls are selfish
hey alice
but you weren’t selfish at all
you always helped always cared always worked to be better
maybe that’s why you’re gone now.
hey alice
i really hope you found it worth it
i hope you got your peace
i hope we make you proud this year
after all
hey alice, there’s only sky above us