Rose and Lavender

Dorian Blue #winter #introspection

The boiling water rises

Whistling of the kettle shrill

My eye lies on the prize

There will be an end to my chill

Color blossoms in the mug

Sumptuous stripes of steam

Quickening the internal tug

Put to my lips, a floral dream

Soft, cushioned fields of lavender

Against the rose’s cutting thorns

I can’t turn back the earthly calendar

And escape their mounting scorn

There’s an urge in me to unwind

To sit with my tea until there’s nothing more

The world is in an impossible bind

Except for another blend I found to pour

I’ll take what I can, but how much is left

Our woes go from lukewarm to cold, no longer deft

When the storm is over there will be calm

For now, I only have my multitude of qualms