Over and Back

Dorian Blue #winter #introspection

The trees show me their bare branches

Gnarled, raw

The cold bites through my resolve

A crow’s caw

Sounds in the pale blue above

Love like winter

Barren and biting

But it will never splinter

The frost in my chest

Will it melt and let me rest?

The world outside is so dark

The last thing I want is a sense of hostility

Instead, vitality

In the beginning threads of spring

Green will arise

Nascent in its glimmer

The crowning of a worthy affection

Caught in the resounding highs

And decadent lows

I scramble soundlessly

A squirrel on a branch

Making my way to a more inviting world

One where

The roses and forget-me-nots are in bloom

And all is fair

My happiness lifting from the gloom