Out of Tune


I play my family’s piano out of tune because it’s been out of tune for as long as we’ve had it. I never learned any actual chords or how to play properly, but I kinda like it that way. I like the idea that if broken keys still make sound, they can still create music. Broken thoughts and fragments of ideas become lyrics and rhymes that others can relate to. Some of them listen through broken headphones that only work on one side, but still carry symphonies. Ripped pieces of paper can be pasted onto one another, surrounded by stickers and pictures and tape to create a new image, a new message. Broken toys can still be loved. Stuffed animals with missing limbs and loose strings can still be held in the arms of a child who finds comfort in the little things. So I stand at the piano, and record any sounds that work. Because we’re all a little out of tune, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be heard. – Lynx

Aesthetically blurry image of a toddler playing the piano underneath the Christmas lights