Student Senate Votes on Resolution Against Pacifica Forum on Campus


Unanimously the Student Senate voted in approval of the resolution which calls for Pacifica Forum to “[get the fuck] off the university” (some words and emphasis added). The issue was safety, as students and community members sighted violent attacks, harassment and a feeling of general insecurity from the Pacifica Forum’s presence on campus.

While this meeting sent the resolution to rules committee, where it will go through grammatical not substance reform. It will be heard for final approval in next week’s senate meeting… stay tuned for that. Further that, but every Senator did support the bill, so it will likely pass.

There were student seated in the room- filling it to capacity. Students were also standing and watching through the windows from outside the building. To banners, one 10’ long and one 30’ long, with signatures opposing the Pacifica Forum’s advocation of violence and hate speech (the first with 300 and the second with 600-700). Mentioned also, was the the facebook group “UO Students and Community against Pacifica Forum” with nearly 2000 members. A sum of students greater than the margins of voting for most all ASUO (student government) positions.

Passionate speeches from students cleared up any uncertainty about the issue of safety and Pacifica forum… that the forums presence is a threat and needs to leave campus.