Radical Caroling

Black Tea Society

The Holiday Season is upon us once again and Eugene’s Anarchist Black Tea Society is full of the holiday spirit. As anarchists we cherish the seasonal values of gift giving and cooperation as much as that red-clad communist Santa Claus does. In fact we are so devoted to the promotion of relationships based on the spirit of generosity rather than cutthroat competition that an entire school of anarchist thought is based in the notion of “gift economics”. A gift economy is a society where goods and services are provided free of charge without expectation of immediate compensation.

Sadly we, like many Americans, are not able to give as generously as previous years due the parasitism of the bankers and the immiserating effects of capitalism. We are however determined to not allow modern material scarcity to dampen our festivities. We are pleased to announce our first ever anarchist holiday caroling troupe. On December Tuesday 21st at 2:00pm we will gather at the holiday market to sing songs of joy, rebellion, and subversion.

Let the ruling class tremble in their Christmas stockings!

Let the sound of our collective voices batter the eardrums of Kitty Piercy and the Eugene City Council!

Together lets decorate the Christmas tree of equality with the ornaments of class consciousness!

Yours in anarchy,

Black Tea society