R.A.D Mental Health Benefit Show

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Saturday, October 7th marked the second annual Mental Health Awareness Benefit punk show put on by Radical Alternative Development (R.A.D.) Eugene. From noon til late, skaters, punks, bands, community orgs and hundreds of people of all ages hung out at the Washington Jefferson skate park to celebrate, build community, and share resources.

The Student Insurgent spent the day distributing our past issues, meeting rad people, having great conversations, and enjoying the music. Courtesy of R.A.D. Eugene, here’s a few photos from the event, which was a definitive success.

Photos provided by R.A.D.

From left to right: Tim, BriJit, and Amy tabling at the event Live performance of the band ‘Pain Without End’ in front of the skatepark Live performance of the local band ‘Prager Youth’ in front of the skatepark Navigational Anarchist Empowerment tabling at the event Various skaters just chilling