Quiet Quitting and YOU

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*This is the first of the web exclusive articles written for exclusive publication on The Student Insurgent’s website


Elitist publications are scaremongering1 to the bosses of the world about “Quiet Quitting”, a new term that asserts working for your scheduled hours - and nothing more - is a problem. This article will provide a brief introduction to this concept, then explain why it’s dumb as fuck.

The Facts About Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting Actually is…


As we can see, quiet quitting is simply the ruling class villainizing collective bargaining strategies and basic mental health. Because of the effectiveness of quiet quitting, the ruling class are doing everything in their power to dissuade workers from taking matters into their own hands and using this effective tactic to improve their lives. One particularly disgusting example is a video of Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares ETF and one of the “investors” on Shark Tank. In this video he implies that workers with a sense of self-respect are the most despicable thing imaginable, with a similar vibe that one might get at a “captive audience” meeting used to thwart workers from forming a union at their workplace. All the same scare tactics with “predictions” that are actually thinly-veiled threats. So should you quiet quit? Absolutely! Not only does it seem to piss-off the ruling class, but it improves mental health by setting boundaries, and states stronger than with words that you’re worth more than company time.


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