Prez Says 'Talk to the Hand'


University of Oregon President LaRiv. came to speak as the Faculty senate, in the Jaqua (Jock) center. The meeting was held in a classroom (in fact, the only public classroom), in the one public floor of the Jaqua center. The talk was about the Riverfront Research development or ‘how to destroy natural riparian zones’.

LaRiv answered two questions, the first was about using an old plan, he says ‘it’s not old, we made, you know, some revisions’.

The second question was about the costs and contract, to which he replied ‘I am not like, a lawyer or anything, but, you should talk to the state board of higher education’.

Then he was prompted by Senate president Nathan Tublitz, to actually answer the questions.“I believe thsoe questions have already been answered”, this was followed by gasps, chuckles and loud coughs, “I don’t mean to be facious but…”, said LaRiv.

The mouthpiece of the university… doesn’t care and thinks all questions have already ben answered. Great, way to be worthless.

PS: You’re not a pirvate school and you are still owned by the public… that means public meetings and accountability.

PPS: Nobody wants this, the dicision should be a sinch, No more waterfront development.

PPPS: You dont have to just build buildings to grow and improve education, try correcting the students of color imbalance and ofering quality classes, eh?