Palestine and the US Empire


Palestine shall be the watchword for the US empire.

The creation of a Palestinian State, to be recognized by the United Nations has been the subject of some controversy. The US has never exerted such pressure to prevent human rights developments.

Currently Israel is a military powerhouse and controls the borders into the shrinking areas of Palestine. Shrinking as Israeli border settlements continue develop, being defended by the IDF, pushing Palestinians deeper into the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The borders are pushed deeper into Palestine, despite efforts of the Palestinian land owners to defend the land and groups like the ‘Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition’(ICAHD) who rebuild the destroyed Palestinian homes.

The border settlement disputes caused the last breakdown of talks between Israel and Hamas. Israel refuses to stop Palestinian home demolition.

In the Middle East, Israel is a US ally. The US even pays Israel for a ally-ship status, $7 million dollars a day. Israel is in some ways an extension of US interests and policy.

As with Great Britain in South Africa, the Colonial State resists human rights to preserve a status of privilege. The striking similarities have caused the Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa to describe conditions in Palestinian as Apartheid.

Despite the oppressive conditions and aggressive behavior, the US has backed Israel. As the votes for Palestinian Statehood become more intense, the US has pledged to stop any efforts to allow this statehood. The reason for this is primarily the US and Israel’s close status. As this situation continues the US s bound up in supporting a violently oppressive system- that of Israel’s state security policy.

Israel desires a secure state and claims that Hamas would enact violence if given freedom. Under this pretense, Palestine remains under blockades, which have refused medical and food aid. The regular infrastructure of Palestine has been starved of construction material and other necessary supplies, since Israel claims these will be used to make bombs. This situation has created such awful conditions and deprivation.

As the world votes for human rights, there too rests the power of the US, invested at $7 million a day with Israel. All the arm twisting and power of an empire has thus far prevented human rights from taking hold, but if this fails, so too will the pretense of legitimacy for the US empire.

The Student Insurgent stands in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation.