No More Presidents!


Let’s get one fucking thing straight here, dear reader. If Hillary Clinton had won this election and not Donald Trump, the necessity of taking to the streets and resisting would be just as dire. The election and inauguration were barely over and already these liberal party hacks have started talking about how crucial the 2018 and 2020 elections are. To hell with ‘em!

The lesson you were supposed to learn from the election of Orange Hitler is that this system of mass slaughter, enslavement, and destruction called America is far too dangerous for anyone to be in charge of. The problem is not Republicans, the problem is politicians. It was Hillary’s husband who rose to power on a racist tough-on-crime agenda. It was his Administration that oversaw the bombing of Kosovo and airstrikes on a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, which precipitated a deadly shortage and humanitarian crisis. It was his Administration that neglected to sign the Kyoto Protocols in 1997, dooming any early international efforts to confront global warming.

If Hillary had won, we would still be fucked. She offered no answers to the serious problems of our time: growing fascist movements and their attendant terror attacks and hate crimes, the mass incarceration of nearly three million people, historically unprecedented income inequality, over a thousand police murders a year, the growing problems of climate change, the all-seeing eyes of police and NSA surveillance, the US’s bloody imperialist wars abroad, the horrific violence of borders and the expulsion of immigrants and refugees, the never-ending construction of oil pipelines that are sealing our planetary doom.

And don’t even get me started on the absolute madness of waiting years before we’re able to do anything about all of this. Wait until 2020? Are you insane? People are dying now. Millions rot in prison today. Climate change is causing the Sahara Desert to expand into and wipe out once fertile farmland today. Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is being completed as I write this. The world can’t fucking wait for the next pointless election. It couldn’t wait for this one or the last one either. As party bureaucrats and apparatchiks draw up plans for the next exciting season of reality TV pseudo-politics, Mother Earth withers and the pile of corpses produced by American imperialism grows. The enemy is not this president, the enemy is presidents. My only hope for the 2020 election is that it will be canceled.

There’s a street-based protest movement growing in response to Trump’s disastrous ascent to power, and that’s great whatever its message is. Any and all headaches for the authorities and disruptions of business as usual are good. But at some point it’s going to need a direction and an ideology. When that comes, the analysis should locate the problem in the state itself, rather than merely who sleeps in the White House.

The anarchists in the black blocs in Portland, Oakland, and DC on Election Night and Inauguration Day had the right idea: rage and destruction no matter what asshole takes power. Neither this president nor any other. No more presidents!