Greetings From Jane's Revenge

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Forwarded from an anonymous trusted source

A warm hello to all readers of The Student Insurgent and defenders of reproductive rights everywhere.

As you may know by now, we are on the verge of losing reproductive autonomy nationwide. This egregious violation of human rights should shock and disgust anyone with the most basic sense of compassion. With a single unappealable decision penned by a handful of unelected, black-robed ghouls, tens of millions of people will no longer be in full control of their own medical choices. For generations, women have been forced to suffer unwanted pregnancies and made to rent out their reproductive capacity in service of patriarchy. We and our rights have been sacrificed on the altar of “the unborn” time and time again throughout history, and history has come knocking once more.

But also in history is our resistance. We have banded together in the past to resist domination by theocrats, fascists, and patriarchs. We will do so again. Just as the Jane Collective in Chicago half a century ago helped women get abortions in secret, we, Jane’s Revenge, will fight to maintain the right that our mothers and grandmothers fought for.

Even though we here in Oregon have codified abortion access, this is not forever, not everyone lives in states that recognize this right, and there are local elements that will attempt to deny us from exercising our autonomy regardless.

We have been shot at, had our clinics bombed, and had our doctors assassinated. The only language that the fascist speaks is violence. The only absolution the theocrat preaches is abuse. The only tool of the patriarch is coercion. At every turn, they deny us our right to self-determination, whether that be making reproductive choices, experiencing the joy of gay love, receiving gender-affirming care, or simply refusing to be in their control. And if you aren’t completely on their side, they will eventually come for you too.

We cannot beg for our rights, nor can we beg for ineffectual leaders to save us. Even in a historically revolutionary city like Eugene, the forced-birthers attempt to sink their claws in, with so-called “pregnancy crisis centers” that lie to vulnerable women in desperate need of care, and brutish, heartless fascists who intimidate and threaten women, doctors, and anyone who doesn’t fit in their disgusting vision for America. They are here. They must be opposed in any way possible.

Jane’s Revenge is not just a group (though we do have cells all over the country) but also an idea. If you are against fascism, you are an anti-fascist. If you are a defender of reproductive rights for all, you are part of Jane’s Revenge. We must do what politicians cannot, and defend ourselves and our autonomy with everything we have. We have already performed direct action against the forced-birther movement. And as long as the shadow of white supremacist theocracy looms over America, we will only escalate. This is not a threat. It is a promise. We invite you to take part, to organize alongside us. We will build a safe future together.

And to those who wish to force births and subservience, to those who want to perpetuate coercion, abuse, and suffering, we only have this to say: If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are you.

For autonomy, for self determination, for joy. Jane’s Revenge Little Lark Memorial Cell