Eugene: CLDC and Cultural forum shows END:CIV


Eugene’s Civil Liberties Defense Center and the student Cultural Forum sponsored a showing of END:CIV a SubMedia Production.

The movie, leaning heavily on Anarcho-Primitivist ideology and ethics is a must see. Featuring several premises of Derrik Jensen, noted author of the ‘End Game’ books. The Movie follows four of Jensen’s premises. This is the most profound critique of civilization to date.

The movie was followed by a panel discussion with John Zerzan- local primitivist & radio host. Jeff Leurs- recently freed political prisoner and Frank Lopez- host of the ‘Stimula7or’ and a member of the SubMedia collective who produced END:CIV.

What follows is answers to questions from the panel:

“There are projects involved in restoring clearcuts, as if we know what we’re doing, but they are dependent on the government, which changes”.-Leurs

“We normalize the idea to waif for heros, we must be the heroes”

“We Don’t have the power to destroy civilization, civilization is destroying us”

“How do we build a movement and a system that will sustain us? We need more localized communities."-Lopez

“We are living off the backs of the third world”

“We let destruction happen- just to watch our TV”-Lopez

“We aren’t able to feed ourselves. Yet we have our forgone conclusion of having energy, this situation we are in is astoundingly crazy, we need to ’re-skill’ ourselves”-Zerzan

“We can view this in a privileged way, but the industrial world will die”