An Apology

J. Ellis #press release #anti-racism #web exclusive

Originally published to Instagram

Following the feedback we received today, we have been carefully considering the response to our initial publication and the following artist’s statement, and we apologize. We apologize for the harm that our actions inflicted, and we have spent much of today reflecting as an organization. We have read every single one of your comments, and we know an apology is not enough. We at the Insurgent recognize that we are predominantly white, therefore we have a heightened responsibility to dismantle racism and hold ourselves accountable when we perpetuate anti-Blackness. Moving forward, we will show you steps that we are taking to ensure greater accountability, credibility, and equity in our collective. Thank you to all who engaged with this issue and demanded better from us; we are listening to your criticism and working to address our organization’s inadequacies. Please continue to reach out with your concerns. We will leave the image and the article up for transparency about our complicity.

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