Administrating Fascism


I am concerned about the increasing use of authority by the University of Oregon…

But lets contextualize this, the Eugene Police Department defended two of its own, when they were sexually raping and abusing women. The Officer, Maganya, would demand sexual favors or give out traffic fines.

In 2007, Ian VanOrnum, was electrocuted, twice, while laying face down on the ground.

in 2009, a Chinese student was tazed by an officer, in his own home. Because the officer shouted orders, the Chinese student didn’t understand, as a immersion student.

Now flash back to the University. The Pacifica forum holds a meeting on the ‘National Socialist Movement’ (The new name of the American Nazi Party) in january, two uniformed DPS (Department of Public Safety- campus cops) officers lurk the background. After the event one officer remarked “at least I got paid to be here”.

One month later, Pacifica forum responds to it’s own hatefulness, reveals that it is deeply prejudiced. There were 2 plainclothes officers in the crowd. Later 4 uniformed DPS officers.

One week later, Pacifica Forum hosts a presentation on the Swastika, 4 EPD (Eugene Police Department -city cops) and one Sergeant.

The campus seemingly escalated from two unarmed observers to armed, trigger happy hired guns in two months. I question this escalation and its necessity, I say this is far to extreme. It was escalated as a result of the protesters, not the presenters. The students are being targeted! The people literally standing for justice, against nazis are surrounded by thugs with guns. Despicable.

The campus administration authorized this rapid increase of force, escalating the protests into a police-state. That is, worth more investigation and reprehension.