Fighting Disaster Capitalism in Oregon’s Fire Burned Forests

While communities across the West continue to rebuild from the literal ashes of fire seasons past, Oregonians are witnessing the timber industry hastily take what’s left of our fire-burned forests. Post-fire logging is the West’s brand of disaster capitalism. In the aftermath of wildfires, the timber industry turns a profit by advancing extensive logging programs…

Worth More Standing! UO Students Join Forest Defenders To Rise Against Post-Fire Logging

That’s why over 50 students, community members, educators, and activists young and old risked arrest to protest post-fire logging on Tuesday, Nov 16th, occupying a logging road in a section of the Breitenbush watershed forest impending to be clear-cut. Behind a giant blockade built from gathered branches, they learned about the lies of salvage logging in Oregon and its logic of disaster capitalism, the wonders of post-fire forest ecology, and the joy of participating in direct action.

A Green New Deal for Cascadia’s Forests?

The Green New Deal has become a topic of national debate in the last year. It’s widely touted as a solution, not only to runaway climate change, but also to the growing economic inequity that has been strangling our nation’s working class. This enthusiasm is encouraging, but while this vision takes shape in national conversations,…