Say Her Name

A hand– attachedto a body– holdsa heavy pen.The ink is blood and tears.The words written–are a lament.The words written–are a rage.The words written–are an oath, to never forget, to never give up.The words written are a lullabyefor the One who was slayed down in her sleep–eyes shut, lips puckered, dreaming sweet songs of freedom.

Peaceful George Floyd protest leads to arrests

As the 9:00 curfew set in on Saturday, May 30, a crowd gathered around the fire station at 13th and Willamette – just outside the curfew area. These protesters were angry at the long history of police brutality and white supremacist violence, standing in solidarity with the George Floyd protest movement spreading like wildfire across…

By Anonymous May 31, 2020
FUCK 12: 5/29 Riot Aftermath

On 5/29, fury swept the streets of Eugene as a large crowd demonstrated against police violence in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. The demonstration, beginning around 8:00pm, began peaceful and quaint, as a local expression of the insurrectionary uprising spreading like wildfire from the streets of Minneapolis. As the crowd swelled, the…

By Anonymous May 30, 2020

Beginning at 8pm on Friday May 29, approximately 50 people gathered for a quiet demonstration against police violence in the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the Lane County Circuit Courthouse in downtown Eugene. Around 8:40pm protestors began marching through downtown Eugene and headed towards the police headquarters. Along the way, people joined and the…

By Laurabell May 30, 2020