Submission Guideline

Preparing content for submission

  • Create a new google doc and title it with the submission date and topic
    • mm/dd/yy Article Topic
    • Keep the document title short and searchable
  • At the top of the document,  write three possible headlines
    • Keep headlines to 12 words or fewer
  • Beneath the headlines, write your by-line in this fashion: BY Firstname Lastname
    • For security’s sake, it doesn’t have to be your government name
  • Beneath your by-line write the number of words in the article
  • Beneath the wordcount, write or paste your story/article/opinion/review.
  • (If desired/necessary) Beneath body of text write – 30 – in center of page
    • – 30 – marks the end of the text. Beneath that you can post interesting facts that didn’t make it into the article, notes, quotations you liked, whatever else you think the editors would benefit from knowing


  • Make a google photos album with the same name as your google doc
  • Upload your photos to google photos to the album
  • Open each photo individually and write a caption in the “description” field of the info tab
    • Captions should be long enough to provide critical context but short enough to be interesting
    • Always include photo credits in this format: (Photo: Photographer Name)

Submitting content


  • The editorial team will read over the article and make suggestions and comments.
    • Suggestions are edits to the text such as omitting a comma or changing the acronym OR to the word Oregon, for example.
    • Comments show up on the side of the document
  • Work with the editors to iron out the details of the piece before it’s finalized.
    • Once it’s finalized, one of the editors will make a comment on whichever title is going to be used that says “Final. Publish (date) web/print” denoting when the piece will be published and in which medium/media.