The Truth is Revolutionary–Greetings from Tribune of the People

The Editorial Board of Tribune of the People sends our revolutionary salute to the readers of The Student Insurgent. We are a revolutionary news service which serves the proletariat and people of the United States. All things have a class character, and journalism clearly expresses this fact.

The monopoly media of the US serves the interests of its imperialist ruling class, saturating society with the ideas and perspectives that reinforce the imperialist State and oppose revolution.

The people need media that seeks the truth from facts. The truth is revolutionary, because our reality demands revolution. This is why our paper fights in the trench of journalism, to support the long struggle for socialist revolution in this country to wipe away US imperialism, as part of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Our paper is guided by the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third and higher stage of Marxism. We strive to be a tool to educate and unite people under Maoism, because its lessons provide the people a strategy with which to overcome their exploiters and oppressors in order to conquer a new society.

Our paper stands with the proletariat, the workers who have nothing to sell but their labor power, against the bourgeoisie (the owners of capital). We cover workers’ struggles, going to the picket lines, and backing worker militancy against the forces that try to subdue them.

We stand with the fight against racism, women’s oppression, and all the struggles of the people which are the fuel for justified rebellions. Our work has exposed racist killers such as Daniel Perry, who murdered anti-racist activist Garrett Foster in Austin, and we have identified murderous police officers when the monopoly media refuses to do so.

We are proletarian internationalists, highlighting revolutionary developments around the world through our coverage, especially the struggles guided by proletarian revolutionaries in the oppressed countries and other imperialist countries.

We publish articles weekly on our website (mainly on Fridays) and also produce a monthly newsprint edition. We are a volunteer-run organization, with members across the country who distribute our work and go directly to the people to report on their struggles. We encourage you to contact us ( about ways that you can get involved.

We can only be filled with optimism seeing how every day brings greater rebellions and larger numbers of people ready to rise up for a new world. The forces of the people and the proletariat fight for a way out of the misery of imperialism, and we have no doubts we will win, but only if we to dare to struggle. Our paper works in service to this struggle, to truly earn our name as a tribune, that is, a defender, a voice, of the people.

Proletarians and oppressed peoples of all countries, unite!

-Editorial Board of Tribune of the People,
Online at

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