Farmers protest update!

By banzai November 30, 2021

By banzai

November 30, 2021

A win for the farmers of India! As of November 19th, Prime Minister Modi said that he will be repealing the three agricultural bills that were put in place to push for the privatization and corporatization of the farming industry, leaving millions to be exploited under the hands of corporations.  

For context, before these laws were put into place, the agricultural system that was established was similar to the one that existed in the USSR. Farmers were guaranteed a minimum support price, or MSP, for the crops that they were able to produce. This resulted in national food security as well as a livable wage for the farmers. 

Later this November, the Indian Parliament will begin the process of repealing the three bills. While the protests haven’t entirely stopped, negotiations regarding reform have begun.  

Over half of the population is employed in the realm of agriculture, so this is an issue that affects hundreds of millions of people. Even though no sort of reform is set, it’s still a step forward in farmers rights as a yearlong worth of protests are starting to pay off. 

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