The Unemployed

God, give grace to the unemployed

God save our weak, elderly and impotent masses. God, may you keep the power in the hands of the ones you have ordained to lead us. Only you know the lot of us could never be worthy of such great responsibility.

God, save our democracy, from being exposed for the sham it truly is and always has been.

God, give us your finest politicians and public speakers, so that our voices may remain unheard.

God, we worship you as we do this Earth. We give praise on Sundays, and sanctimoniously defile your sacred image Monday through Friday.

God, give grace to your unemployed. For we did not choose this life of purposelessness. We only wanted to work, to prove ourselves to you, that we are worthy of our meager retirement on your green lawns of opulent serenity.

God, return to us the meaning that comes with material acquisition.

God, we will build our landfills up to the heavens. And ascend to your glory upon our legacy of garbage.

God, set my children free.

God. Fuck off,

and let us be.

University of Oregon Expands! Eugene’s Housing Crisis

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