It must be understood that though we are one country, our experience is anything but unified. We sit in cities and complain about the injustice while we hide behind our screens and seclude to our urban hideouts, seeking out those that feel the same. 

You must drive out to the desert and the plains, to see the long roads of desolation – valued and occupied on pure speculation – to understand the stolid underbelly of the American nation. One that’s been built on the backs of burdens wrought through an endless sense of conquest. 

Manifest destiny gone awry. 

Did we ever think we would make it this far? Because it seems we are left here without a plan. What is America now to do?

There is anger in the interior. They’re angry, because they too realized they’ve been lied to, but they’re too damn proud to admit it. Going down with the ship of white-privilege. The ranchers, farmers, miners and loggers of generations past – left to fester in the ramparts of past prosperity. 

America is one bloated-jelly-roll-Sunday-afternoon. Lost in some delusion of obedience. Corn-fed good boys and their overweight offspring. 

I’m angry too, because that’s what I see around me. It’s easier just to blend in. But I don’t want them to win. 

Freedom surely isn’t free. 

America’s independence came with slavery. 

In fact, personal freedoms now seem to come with a monetary value. If it’s not violence and force keeping people down, it’s money and property – or lack thereof – trapping those with-out in a state of squalor. 

It’s the old Indian boarding schools out West. It’s the “free” market deciding not to value its workers. It’s the mono-cropped, pesticide ridden central plains. It’s the Great Sequoias that we’ll never get to see. It’s the wildfire smoke from a thousand match-stick forests laid barren by reckless industry. Or our water supply poisoned by progress. Our precious rivers, dredged and dammed, run-dry and re-directed. 

In this modern America, we must take stock of our oppressors. We must figure out how to stand together. Abolishing the institution, is the first step to make it better. 

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