Solidarity, a poem

I need you to understand that I resent labels.I don’t think they represent anyone’s true soul.Instead they pick and pull apart the fabric of your narrative in order to create theirs. Your story is yours to own and change.

To paraphrase Shaun King: change has existed after a period he labels the integration of innovation in which our own conception of reality is altered. Our souls are lifted only to come crashing down to create brutality, woven into our Nation’s fibrous fabric.

The narrative of our Nation suffers because the stained fabric reminds us of the innocent blood shed. Without change our minds become trapped. Nations create alternative facts for right and wrong. They will not label their truths as our truths. We know in our souls equality and love for one another is the only truth we own.

A path is set before us. One in which our own understandings of who we are must be woven into the fabric of faces, for no one can do this alone. We need to bare our soul and demonstrate love for one another to change the direction in which we are plummeting.

Labels will show us no justice for they create divisions allowing hate to create chasms of false conclusions. Let us own up to our misunderstandings, to say no to labels separating us from them. The fabric is You. Me. We. It is We who will change the world with love in our soul.

The world needs to see our soul beating and bleating to create a consciousness that will not allow change to be ripped from our hands. Our own narratives will begin a new weave of fabric that erases our neighbor’s label bestowed upon them. We must own the day hate tried to change the fabric of our soul. Labels lie—create, resist, redefine.


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