A Letter from the Editors

Hello Insurgents,

You may be wondering where we’ve been. We at the Insurgent are very sorry for our year-long absence, but we’re happy to announce that we’re back! Between folks on graduating, dropping out, and moving on, we were left with only one person on staff during the 2018-19 school year. That was really tough, and to be fully transparent, I was discouraged and slacked off. We were unable to put out an issue of our magazine during this time.

Over the past few months we’ve had a lot of local interest in saving the Insurgent. We have decided to switch to an 8-page tabloid newspaper format; this will enable us to print more copies of each issue, to distribute more magazines locally, and to release issues more often. Though the new Insurgents will be shorter, we’re still committed to publishing plenty of art and submissions from our readers.

We’re currently sorting through all the mail that’s piled up. We have a LOT of mail. Most of this mail is subscription requests – we’re slowly but surely working on updating our mailing list and we apologize if it takes us a while to get the Insurgent to you. Please only send a subscription request once per year. Whether it’s a subscription request, a submission, or a love note, we ask that you please label the contents of your letter on the outside of the envelope. This will help us immensely while we sort through mail.

We’re looking forward to revitalizing the Insurgent. This publication was started back in 1989 so we are entering our 30th year! We will be struggling with bureaucratic bullshit over the next few months, so stick with us even if things are a little messy at first. Fingers crossed we get our budget, staffing, and distribution sorted out smoothly.

If you’d like to submit or otherwise be involved with creating the magazine, please email InsurgentUO@gmail.com or write to:

Student Insurgent

1228 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR, 97403.

Thanks for your patience!

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